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CSO: Badge privacy-preserving authentication tool launches with Okta integration

Rosalyn Page

Jan 17, 2024

Promises safer, streamlined logins by removing the need for devices and tokens to verify identity and store personal information, common target of hackers.

Badge has launched a privacy-preserving authentication system designed to enable enterprise authentication across multiple devices, after a single enrolment, and without storing personally identifiable information (PII).

With stored credentials the target of nearly half (49%) of all breaches, according to Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations report, Badge is seeking to tackle a widespread security challenge. …

Badge wants to solve a longstanding cryptography puzzle

Founded by cryptography PhDs from MIT, the patented technology uses advanced encryption and privacy-preserving algorithms to ensure user data remains secure and private. …

“We can extend zero trust all the way to the user, because instead of ending at the device where the key is, you are your key, so trust gets extended to the user and reduces the threat surface.”

Credit: Thinkstock

Badge integrates with Auth0 Marketplace

Badge offers integration with Auth0 Marketplace, to extend the functionality of Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud and enabling Auth0 users to integrate Badge into their IAM workflows with simple, code-free configuration. …

Offering on-premises or SaaS models, Badge is built for zero-code integration using standard protocols, including OAUTH 2, SAML, FIDO, OIDC, to extend its compatibility into other platforms.

Beyond this, Badge said it’s had interest from platform providers, OEM manufacturers, and even from the identity verification providers, as many of them face the same customer problem: lost account access. “One of the biggest challenges that all of them face is account recovery. It’s very manual and involves calling help desks trying to recover your information,” she said.

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