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Transformational user experiences for every scenario

How it works

Enroll Once
at home or on prem, etc.


Authenticate anywhere
on computer, phone, ATM, tablets, or shared devices, etc.


Badge authenticates you on-demand for every application, on any device, without storing any secrets.

This enables identity portability across devices, while solving fundamental key management challenges – eliminating account recovery and password reset.

Use Cases

Consumers authenticate across different devices

Badge enables a seamless omni-channel user experience

Phones, Tablets

Laptops, Desktops

In-store, Kiosks


From one easy enrollment, authenticate frictionlessly on any device.
No Redirect, No Re-registration, No Re-onboarding, No Reset.

Workforce users also authenticate across devices

Badge serves customers with front-line workers, knowledge workers, and roaming users.




Badge is the only solution for employees with
no dedicated workstation, device-restricted environments

  • Bank tellers

  • Retail workers

  • Healthcare clinicians

  • Call center agents

  • Factory floor workers

  • Transit/transportation workers

Migrate with zero risk — Preserve existing systems

100% Nondisruptive

No legacy systems or hardware will be affected by the Badge implementation.

Preserve Legacy Systems

Your existing system can be left in place until you decide to eliminate it.

no code.png

Zero-code integration using standard protocols:

Badge integrates with leading identity providers and directory services in minutes

Identity without Secrets™

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