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New Independent Analyst Report: Badge is a frontrunner in cybersecurity and authentication

Apr 26, 2024

Independent Analyst Report from Enterprise Management Associates Highlights Impact of Badge’s Privacy-Preserving Authentication on Cybersecurity Industry

Leading IT industry analyst research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has published an independent report on Badge highlighting how Badge’s privacy-preserving authentication revolutionizes cybersecurity.


The report highlights Badge’s “groundbreaking authentication technology poised to redefine cybersecurity practices.” EMA recognizes that Badge’s patented innovation “eliminates the need for storing personally identifiable information and biometric credentials,” which has been a longstanding unsolved security problem in the industry. Therefore, EMA finds that Badge is “revolutionizing traditional authentication” and “heralding a new era of secure and seamless authentication.”


With compelling consumer and enterprise use cases, EMA has recognized that Badge’s identity portability across devices solves fundamental key management challenges, making account recovery and password resets a thing of the past.


“Badge’s authentication technology is a transformative milestone in cybersecurity.” --EMA


EMA’s report details five “Key Ramifications” of Badge’s product (read the full report here):

  • Elimination of Stored Credentials

  • Seamless Authentication Experience

  • Enhanced User Control

  • Quantum-Resistant Security

  • Privacy Compliant By Design


The report concludes with EMA’s perspective advocating for adoption of Badge’s authentication “as a strategic imperative.” This is important guidance for all companies to improve their cybersecurity posture and position themselves for the future.

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