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Identity without Secrets

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Badge authenticates you on-demand for
every application, on any device,
without storing any secrets.

Badge integrates with leading identity providers and directory services in minutes

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Cisco & Badge Announce Partnership

Badge Integration With Cisco Duo Delivers Unique, Hardware-less MFA Experience


Without Badge,
all authentication requires vul
nerable secret storage 

These secrets are "crown jewels" that must be protected. Compromise of these crown jewels results in a total loss of the user's identity to the attacker. 




Human Identity


Machine Identity


What if there were no crown jewels to steal?

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Each day there are over 100B authentications that rely on stored user information like passwords, secrets, biometric templates,

and private keys.



With Badge,
You are your token!

​With Badge, there are no crown jewels to steal. Badge has solved a two-decade-old cryptography problem, enabling
Identity without Secrets™

How it works

Enroll Once
at home or on prem, etc.


Authenticate anywhere
on computer, phone, ATM, tablets, or shared devices, etc.


Badge authenticates you on-demand for every application, on any device, without storing any secrets.

This enables identity portability across devices, while solving fundamental key management challenges – eliminating account recovery and password reset.

Welcome to Identity without Secrets

User-Centric Privacy

Issue and revoke your digital identity and keys on-demand using your authentication factors (including biometrics)

Authenticate on
Any Device

Enroll once and authenticate on any device without passwords,
device redirects, or knowledge-based authentication (KBA)

Unparalleled Security

No secrets or PII to steal!
Auto-comply with privacy laws CCPA, GDPR, BIPA

CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

BIPA: Biometric Information Privacy Act

Identity without Secrets™

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