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Identity without secrets™

Finally, authentication you can't lose or forget!

Welcome to Identity without secrets

Badge enables privacy-preserving authentication. Enroll once and authenticate on any device without storing PII.

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User-Centric Privacy

Issue and revoke your digital identity and keys on-demand using your biometrics


Authenticate on
Any Device

Enroll once and authenticate on any device without passwords, device redirects, or KBA

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Unparalleled Security

No secrets or PII to steal!

Auto-comply with privacy laws CCPA, GDPR, BIPA

CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

BIPA: Biometric Information Privacy Act

Enjoy the benefits of passwordless
without the costs and complexity

Improve UX

  • No password resets

  • No re-onboarding

  • No phone redirects 

  • No QR codes

  • No key migrations

  • No KBA or secrets

Decrease Costs

  • No account recovery costs

  • No PII or credentials stored

  • No private keys stored

  • Non-disruptive deployment

  • Lower cybersecurity risk and insurance premiums

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Zero code integration using standard protocols:


Identity without secrets™


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