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Badge wins three Global InfoSec Awards at RSA 2024

May 6, 2024

Badge’s Privacy-Preserving Innovation Recognized as “Visionary”, Wins in Biometrics, Phishing-Resistant MFA, and Privacy Enhancing Technology in 12th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at RSAC 2024

SAN FRANCISCO – Badge Inc., the award-winning privacy company enabling Identity without Secrets™ is proud to announce it has been selected as the top solution across three different categories at the prestigious 12th Annual Global InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. CDM evaluated over 3,500 global companies with the most respected information security products and services. In addition to winning Most Innovative Biometrics Company, Badge was the sole award winner for Privacy-Enhancing Technology and Phishing-Resistant MFA.


"This award is a testament to Badge’s breakthrough innovation and the years of R&D behind our technology resulting in a commercial product that fundamentally moves the trust anchor away from vulnerable stored credentials into the hands of individuals," said Dr. Tina P. Srivastava, Co-Founder of Badge. “Phishing attacks are on the rise and the current state of security and privacy is broken. Recognition that Badge is the best in these three areas carries a special meaning given the importance of each category and we appreciate this high honor.”


Badge renders PII and biometric credential storage obsolete, eliminating passwords, device redirects, and knowledge-based authentication (KBA). With Badge, the user simply enrolls once, then seamlessly authenticates across ecosystems on any device using authentication factors that are unique and inherent to the user. Biometric factors such as fingerprint or face can be combined with other factors to create a strong and convenient MFA method that does not rely on a specific device or token to authenticate users. This makes Badge the only hardware-independent and phishing-resistant MFA. Badge empowers users to move freely across devices and platforms without losing access to their accounts or compromising security.


"In our global search for cybersecurity innovators, we specifically looked for solutions that could disrupt the status quo and truly make a difference," said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine. "Demonstrating exceptional advancement in three critical categories, Badge mitigates cyber risk in a cost-effective solution that enhances privacy in both workforce and consumer settings. This trifecta of innovation makes a huge difference and Badge has the potential to help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber-crime.”


The judges of the Global InfoSec Awards are CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, certified security professionals who voted based on their independent review of the company, including but not limited to data sheets, white papers, product literature and other market variables. With this recognition, Badge reaffirms its position as a leader in the industry, committed to driving innovation and enhancing user security.


To learn more about Badge, visit:


About Badge

Badge enables privacy-preserving authentication to every application, on any device, without storing user secrets or PII. Badge’s patented technology allows users to derive private keys on the fly using their biometrics and factors of choice without the need for hardware tokens or secrets. Badge was founded by field-tested cryptography PhDs from MIT and is venture-backed by tier 1 investors. Customers and partners include top Fortune companies across healthcare, banking, retail, and services. Learn more at

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